Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nadine Jansen Break-in Vid

Smooth as a baby's bottom

Not only the weather is gorgeous right now, even the look in our future living-dining room is always beautiful. When you visit daily ventilation in the house today I could marvel at not only a resin layer, but a smooth floor. Smooth as a baby's bottom! The rest of the basement is, of course zugerümpelt accordingly, but tomorrow it is the plastic surgery, "leveling floor" before.

prevails in the house thanks to sunshine and above all our temporary floor no cooling air-conditioners more. In the next week must / can / may / should acknowledge the good Elektroheizug but their service (which can / must / should / must not only Defense ...).

neighbor on the corner lot at distinguished himself today was: A ground survey. Well, had the times of our building blog, then they would know that we already have a soil report for this site :-) Now we shiver a bit, that the house is not too high (not so ne rieeeeeeeesige villa!) so we have little or no sun possible loss.

Our beautiful floor!

From this perspective I have now I still believe, made no photo: From the bath shot in the hallway and into Gäste-/Kinderzimmer.

We know you have to remember the show with the mouse? In the beginning, the program is being repeated on a foreign language .... and the dear children Bauisch:

I can already see our Ururururenkel formally before me as they are frowning before the legacy of their Urururureltern and are wondering what you wanted them to say :-)


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